As summer approaches – both on the calendar and in the weather – many people are thinking of freshening up their homes. This can take many forms: spring cleaning, spring purging, re-arranging furniture, getting new furniture, painting, or maybe even a remodel of some (or all) of the house.

No matter what the project, some form of organization is necessary.One of the many things that can happen during an organization project is re-organization.Why continue to put things where you’ve always put them – especially if that system no longer works for you?

The better organization craze comes and goes, and it seems to have come again. However, there is a fundamental need for many homeowners to make more stuff fit in the available space. New homeowners are buying smaller,current homeowners are not moving up as quickly or as often. Space is at a premium and “downsizing” will not fix everything for everyone.The good news is that there is help. The advances in cabinetry organization are impressive for everyone from the DIYer to those who hire it done.

If you would like to be able to find the right lid for the pot you are using right now – every time, there is a wide array of lid organizers: stationary, pull out, or hang over your cabinet door.

If you always seem to want to use the pot at the back of the cabinet, pull outs are becoming increasingly common. You can easily convert hard to reach cabinet shelves into display spaces by installing glass-front doors.

Drawer inserts have become much more customizable, and custom-built ones are sure to hold all your odds and ends.
There are even inserts to help you access that blind corner cabinet!

If you are in remodel mode and installing new cabinetry, frameless cabinets are the way to go. Having them custom made can certainly ensure you’ll have all the best hardware, pull outs,
and inserts. However, starting with a stock set and installing after market organization is leaps and bounds better for storage and accessibility than traditional framed cabinets.

If you are doing it yourself, make sure you have the right knowledge and tools for the job. If you’re hiring it done, ensure the person is properly licensed and insured or your project could suddenly become much more expensive.

Around the House Trivia

Did you know that most dusting tools stir up more dust than they clean? A moist rag is much better at trapping dust than a dry one or feather duster. A damp microfiber cloth or mop is the best for attracting and trapping dust, plus they don’t scratch surfaces or leave lint or streaks behind.

Around the House Easy Fix

There actually is an order to clean for best results. Top to bottom: ceiling fans,light fixtures, and the tops of your door frames first working down to your baseboards and floors last. Left to right – or right to left if you are left-handed; the point is to keep moving the dirt ahead of your dominant hand. Inside to out:kick the dirt out of the house and then close the door to work on the outside instead of cleaning the dirt into your home.