“Atmospheric River” is not a new term; however, it does seem amazingly popular this season.

The vast amount of rain in the Bay Area this season has several implications:

The Tahoe skiing is amazing and will likely stay that way for another couple of months. The hills may not turn brown until June or July.
Water damage.

As a homeowner, you probably have your eye on the big items. While inconvenient, this is the time of year to find out if your roof leaks, your drainage needs work, or your windows need replacing. However, are you looking at the little picture as well?

Standing water – puddles – are, at the heart of things, the source of all water damage. A regular puddle can result in a moldy carpet or squishy floor. And the damage is cumulative.Consider these small, but regular rain puddle possibilities:

Dripping rain coats and umbrellas.No matter what type of floor you have, place a towel, bathmat, or (cheap) throw rug below where you hang wet items. Change it out regularly. You can also hang them in a shower or over the bathtub (that’s just not as colorful).

Around the door. Are you bringing the rain in with you? How long has it been since you checked the gap between the bottom of the door and the door frame? Consider putting a door mat inside your entry. Let it air out when the storm passes. Anywhere your pet stands. Fluffy or not, your pets can be an amazing source of puddles. Try to dry them off right when they come in and keep your eyes open for puddles.

While more common during the rainy season, puddles are a year-round problem. Kitchen and baths are puddle havens and those puddles can wreak havoc on floors, counters, and fixtures alike.

The moral of the story: wipe up after yourself, it can save you from a home-repair headache down the road.

Around the House Trivia
Caught in the rain? Run! Yes, you may run into more raindrops than by walking, but the real factor in how wet you get is time. The longer you’re in the rain, the wetter you get.

Around the House Easy Fix

Trying to decide on a new look for your home? Or maybe you want to liven things up inside to compensate for the gloomy outside. Try a throw rug. More to the point, try cheap throw rugs.

Throw rugs are a great way to add a pop of color, liven up a drab entry, or test a new color scheme. Without much investment you can add multiple new looks to your home. They are easily washed. And, if you decide you don’t like it, get rid of it and consider the small price a wise investment.