Susannah Adler

Kathy was a great help to us as we decided on new paint colors for our home. Professional and knowledgeable!

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Thanks for the review Susannah. It was great working with you! Kathy

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David Shirley

Great work. (check out her website) Easy to work with. I've worked for many of Kathy's clients and have heard nothing but praise for her and her efforts on their behalf.

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Thanks for you review David.

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Kathy was great!  We were planning to remodel our kitchen and living space for the last 10 years but it was so daunting, I dragged my feet. I interviewed a few designers before finally meeting Kathy.  I felt confident that she could guide me through the process.  She designed a floor plan that is very functional.  I spent years thinking up possible floor plans for our dysfunctional space.  Kathy came up with ideas that never crossed my mind.  She was very helpful with picking finishes as well.  She let me know when she didn’t think my choices would work but more importantly made suggestions and quickly confirmed the ones she thought would work. I would still be in the decision making phase without her.  We did not want just another cookie cutter modern kitchen and Kathy was able to deliver a unique design. We are now enjoying our unique, beautiful, functional kitchen and living space!

Doris O.

Home Owner

Kathy helped me with my 3 bathroom remodel. She was fantastic. She had great ideas, top notch contractors and she made it very easy for me. They all came out great and I highly recommend Kathy.

Emily S.

Home Owner

Kathy Bate is a very talented designer who we have worked with for over ten years.  She has designed all five of our restaurants.  We love the way all the elements of the design coordinate with each other and provide interest.  She has successfully balanced the mood of our restaurants so that people feel comfortable eating breakfast, lunch or dinner with us. She is also very easy to work with and prompt with her designs.

David and Debbie Shahvar

Owners, Buttercup Grill and Bar

I am a commercial contractor and I have worked on many restaurant design and building projects with Kathy Bate over the last twenty years. I have always found Kathy to be easy to work with. She is punctual, well informed of the scope of work, and always upbeat. Kathy has a great talent for color, texture, furniture, lighting and layout. She is well versed in ADA, Title 24, and Health Department requirements. When I see Kathy’s name on the project, I always know we are going to get a great result.

Bruce Taylor

President, Taylor Restaurant Systems, Inc.

It has been a pleasure working with Kathy in designing our kitchen, family room, and bath room. We enjoyed how patient and thorough she was in listening to our thoughts and concerns. Kathy came up with creative ideas in designing our kitchen and made it easy by narrowing down the choices. Our kitchen is definitely beyond our expectations! We will not hesitate to use Kathy’s expert and professional help on our next project.

Colleen and Jay Tashiro

Home Owners

After interviewing several designers we choose Kathy. She was pragmatic, economical and had plenty of experience. She spoke with us to get ideas and a sense of what we were looking for and then she let her imagination and expertise run. She came up with fabulous solutions. She was totally open and enthusiastic to hear out input and suggested modifications (which were very few, it’s hard to improve upon perfection.) She was very helpful in selecting our final contractor and overseeing the process as necessary. What we ended up with is a kitchen that we adore. It is functional, practical and yet edgy and contemporary, not in a dated sense. It is so functional that it greatly reduces cooking / baking times. It allows my own creativity to soar. Everyone who comes to the house is instantly jealous of our kitchen and loves its design. Even 4 years later, there is not a thing we would have done differently.

Alan Stewart

Home Owner

Kathy worked with my wife and I on redesigning and remodeling our master bedroom and bathroom. She came up with a great idea to angle our bedroom wall to both create a walk-in closet and move the bed in-order to have a spectacular view of our yard. These changes created a very harmonious feel to the master suite integrating indoors with outdoor views. The colors, materials and fixtures Kathy selected and recommended for us make for a truly unique setting and we love the final look. Kathy is fun to work with because she is always upbeat and very flexible listening to her clients wishes. We highly recommend Kathy as a true professional.

Bruce and Deb Taylor

Home Owners

Kathy did a tremendous job helping us design our new kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.  Her choices have proven to be fun and sophisticated.  She is the one to go to for turn-key sourcing and design.  Thanks, Kathy!

Cass P.

Home Owner

We just remodeled our kitchen and Kathy was great to work with.  Her enthusiasm and availability were remarkable.  She has a wonderful eye and was able to work within a modest budget.  Kathy listens to what you want and need.  She is very available for consultation, and her definitive responses quelled our anxiety.  She also directed us to wonderful suppliers.  I recommend her most highly and I am so glad that we worked with her.  We love our new kitchen!

Audrey R.

Home Owner

We recently completed a complete redo of our small outdated kitchen. This included the removal of the wall to the dining area. After seeing the reviews for Kathy we contacted her for the new design of our “old” kitchen.  Kathy designed a new kitchen that opened up the space yet still connected to the rest of the house.  Her design made great use of available space.  Kathy knew our budget and pointed out items that were not as expensive (in a tile store she was aware of prices and asked for a similar product that was quite a bit less money but perfect for our needs).  Kathy would let you know if something didn’t work, but if it was okay and you liked it she would let you know that too. The other thing about working with Kathy is that she knows wonderful contractors, cabinet shops, appliance contacts, etc.  Everyone she referred us to was a joy to work with on this 8+ week project. Kudos to Kathy Bate Design for our beautiful new kitchen!

Mike H.

Home Owner

Kathy Bate designed a terrific kitchen which is not only beautiful but extremely functional.  My 40-year-old kitchen was completely demolished and new cabinets, countertops, flooring, lighting and appliances were installed to Kathy’s specifications.  Due to the age of the house, there were several unforeseen construction issues and Kathy ably worked out innovative solutions with my contractor.  Kathy was very easy to work with, offered great ideas and took my budget into consideration.  I came home from a six-week European vacation to a totally new kitchen that instantly became my favorite room in the house.

Jill T.

Home Owner

We gave Kathy an impossible task, make our small kitchen bigger for family fun without adding on to our house.  Kathy took us on and exceeded our expectations.  The goals were 1) more space for our growing family and 2) more counter space to work with.  She accomplished both goals with her design then went beyond and helped us to make it a gorgeous, functional, organized kitchen.  It is  a total transformation that we LOVE!  Our friends and family are as awed by the results as we are.  Our team of professionals including Kathy, John Badger of Badger Construction, Lisa at Premier Kitchens and Tori at Prosource guided us seamlessly through the project and we are extremely grateful for their extraordinary work.

Bruce B.

Home Owner