Yeah! Chinese Cuisine
Redwood City

This restaurant and bar in a commercial shopping center appeals to the high-tech workers who want to escape their office environment for some upscale Chinese cuisine. Owners requested a design departing from the typical colors and styling of other Chinese restaurants to celebrate their yummy offerings – thus the name: Yeah!

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    • Creative lighting played a key role defining the mood of the two spaces. Suspended ceiling over the bar was edge-lit to create an ambient glow. Custom decorative ceiling and wall sconces added unique illumination.
    • Locating the bar in the middle of the restaurant not only provided 2 unique spaces but also helped with acoustics, separating the noisier bar area from the fine dining area.
    • Unique floor treatments were used directionally to lead guests from one space to the other.
    • Rich jewel-tone color palette of deep blue green and gold works well with the crisp white table cloths and contemporary serviceware.
    • Marbleized columns provide connection with rich ethnic tradition and offer interesting transition from bar to dining rooms.

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