Oakland Kitchen Remodel

Artistic elements, bold color accents, and unique space planning convert a boxy kitchen into a cook’s dream space.

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    • Improved function and flow with new base cabinet section incorporating gas cooktop with pot storage drawers below and powerful vent hood above. Added wall of appliance garages as well as a new peninsula housing convection oven, storage, recycle bins, and sit-down counter for guests or buffet service.
    • Added vibrant yellow suspended canopy with low-voltage lighting to highlight Zodiac solid-surface countertop, Mondrian-style painted wall graphic, and artifacts in exposed under-stair niche.
    • Met budget constraints by refinishing instead of replacing lower wall cabinets and retaining some appliances, tile countertops, and flooring.
    • Brought in contemporary elements to update kitchen, including modern lighting throughout and upper wall cabinets of varying heights with glass-panel doors, built-in storage systems, and stainless steel cooking appliances.

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