Laptop Lounge
Walnut Creek

Laptop Lounge marries a successful virtual receptionist business with a new co-working office/lounge concept in a convenient suburban downtown location. It draws business owners looking for a casual, comfortable, part-time work space.

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    • Space planned to incorporate mixed use office with both traditional rooms for privacy and multiple types of lounge areas for co-working.
    • Warm, vibrant colors were used on feature walls and accent chairs to evoke a café-like, vibe while neutral taupe tones throughout grounded the scheme in a more conservative manner.
    • Floor-to-ceiling sheer, movable drapery panels provide privacy and divide large open space for privacy and intimacy of working groups, while allowing natural light to filter through the space.
    • Secure WIFI and convenience outlets installed throughout lounge.
    • Full kitchen gives members and staff the convenience to prepare meals, stage catered food for co-work gatherings, and offer coffee and other beverages to members at all times.

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