Jacks Bistro – Jack London Square

A quiet traditional waterfront hotel restaurant was transformed into a hip, fun, playful, multi-functional destination bistro, complete with a new eye-catching storefront and outdoor dining area.

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  • Exterior building color, 3-dimensional reliefs, and hand-painted front doors along with new signage catch the eye of all who venture to Jack London Square, inviting them in to play and dine.
  • An overall color scheme and uniform wood tones unite all 7 spaces, as they meander from a takeout French bakery, juice and liquor bars, pizza shop, music salon, and dining area.
  • Interior murals inside exude playfulness, depicting images of the owners, the chef, and frequent guests, along with dancing cupcakes, flying pizzas, and man’s best friends.
  • Custom lighting throughout the restaurant, including a fiber optic bar ceiling, brought in the sparkle needed to illuminate the scene.

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