Fitzhugh Walnut Creek Kitchen

Turning lemons into lemonade was the key to this successful remodel after a taxi plowed through this young couple’s front kitchen window. Not to worry – they were at work! After a year of asbestos abatement, insurance claims and construction they are thrilled to be back in their beautiful, better than ever kitchen.

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    • Addressing the challenge of opening the kitchen up more to entry, dining and living rooms, Kathy took advantage of the abundance of exterior walls for upper and lower cabinetry and the double step down to create a bar counter on the dining side of the floating island counter.
    • Natural granite highlights island and second sink doubles for food prep and bar sink.
    • Low maintenance Quartz countertops grace work areas around perimeter.
    • Simple grey green glass backsplash adds a sparkle to the otherwise neutral color scheme.

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